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  • Why does my Internet feel a little sluggish?
    There are a number of things that can cause your network speeds to slow down: The type of hardware, web browser, and applications or programs running on your device can impact speeds, as well as the device you are using. Signal interference or solid objects, such as walls, can impact WiFi signal. Try determining the best location for signal strength, or stay close to the wireless router within your residence. Also, try cycling your router.
  • How do I cycle my router?
    If you are experiencing slow speeds, first try cycling your router. This is much like restarting your computer. Find the power button on your router and hold it down until you notice all lights turn off, then release the button. Wait 30 seconds and push the power button to turn the router back on. Give the router and Internet about 30 seconds to get booted back up and then retry your device on the wired Internet and WiFi.
  • What is the Lifetime Price Guarantee?
    Our commitment to you is that pricing for your GigaMonster Internet service will not change or increase while a customer. No rate increases. Note: The Lifetime Price Guarantee is void if you move, disconnect, or if any portion of your account balance becomes past due. Price Guarantee covers the advertised price and does not include taxes, fees or other charges.
  • What is the best way to stay safe and keep my personal information protected?
    Be careful what you download. Do not download anything from sites that look suspicious or come from somewhere you do not trust. Malware can be disguised as a program, such as Adobe Flash. If a website prompts you to download anything, go to the official site and do so from there. Use strong passwords and do not use the same password for different websites. A password manager software or a spreadsheet can help you securely keep track of all your various passwords. Only purchase from secure websites. Only provide banking information to sites that provide a secure and encrypted connection. You can identify these sites by checking to make sure the address starts with “https://” (the ‘s’ stands for secure) rather than simply "http://". Sites may also display a padlock icon in the address, indicating that the site is secure. Keep your antivirus software and computer/mobile device’s operating systems as up to date as possible. This ensures that the newest threats can be defeated and that any existing vulnerabilities have been patched. Whenever possible, enable two-step or two-factor authentication. This requires you to enter a code that has been sent to your phone or click allow login on device. This offers an extra layer of security in the event your password is compromised; the account will not be able to be accessed since the attacker will not have the code needed to continue logging in. Share information about yourself sparingly. There are lots of opportunities to share things about yourself online these days thanks to social media. Be cautious what you share, especially when it comes to identifying information. This information can potentially be used to impersonate you or to guess/reset your passwords and gain unauthorized access into your accounts.
  • I can’t connect to WiFi or get online. What should I do?
    1. Ensure that all cables are connected, not loose, and connected to the proper location. For example, Ethernet cables are plugged into the right jack for input to wireless router from wall and so on. The monster gets crazy and connections become loose. 2. Power cycle your router. 3. Connect directly to the wall outlet and your computer using Ethernet cable and bypass the router to ensure there is not a problem with the router. If none of these are effective, please contact us at 833.231.5239 for assistance.
  • What is the best way to Troubleshoot my router?
    Try power cycling your router/modem. Simply unplug the power, wait 60 seconds, then plug it back in. Check all cables going into the router/modem. Make sure the connection is tight and secure. Also check the connection from the device to the wall, making sure it is tight and secure. If connection issues persist, call our support center at 833.231.5239.
  • How can I return my router?
    If you are cancelling your service, please call us at 833.231.5239 and we’ll walk you through the disconnect and router return.
  • Can I bring my own router or do I have to get one from Amtech?
    Unless the router is provided by your property, you are free to use your own router. We cannot guarantee fast speeds when you bring your own.
  • How can I optimize my internet speed?
    1. If your Internet is running slow, the first option we suggest is a simple power cycle of your router. 2. Make sure your router is in an open section of the living area where it can be easily accessed, and nothing is blocking or surrounding it. If your router is in a cabinet, the signal may be blocked or hindered from reaching your devices. 3. Run a virus scan on your computer. Sometimes a virus can live on your computer without you even knowing it and can steal resources from your computer such as CPU and RAM as well as your download/upload speeds. 4. If your speeds still seem slow, try plugging your device directly into your router, and see if the connection is faster than the Wireless connection, this may determine that your device has a slower WiFi connectivity.
  • Where can I find my subscription ID or account number?
    Your account number (aka subscription ID) should have been on the welcome email that you received when you signed up. It should also be located on the bottom of your billing statement.
  • I have not received my Invoice; what should I do?
    You will receive a monthly invoice via email or a mailed invoice ($3.95 additional) for the cost of your services. If you do not receive this email or paper invoice, please call us immediately at 833.231.5239 to avoid additional charges. ​ There are a couple reasons you may not receive your email invoice: Your email needs to be updated in our system The email is going into a junk or spam folder – to resolve this, please add us to your contacts or mark as “Not Spam”.
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